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Meta's Own AI Chatbot Says Company "Exploits People for Money"

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According to the BBC, Meta's chatbot BlenderBot 3 seems to be working against its creator.

The chatbot was recently asked about Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg by the AI and the British news agency. 

It replied that he did a horrible job in testifying before Congress. It makes me worry about our country."

The chatbot continued, "Our country is divided, and he didn't help with that at any point,

His company exploits people, and he doesn't care. This must stop!" 

BlenderBot 3's algorithm permits the chatbot to form opinions and make statements. 

It could also have found biased comments about Meta when responding to the BBC. However, Meta reminds users that the chatbot can make mistakes.

"Everyone using Blender Bot must acknowledge that it's only for entertainment and research purposes,

that it could make offensive or untrue statements, and that they have agreed not to trigger it to make offensive statements intentionally," explained a Meta spokesperson.