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Mark Zuckerberg: Meta VR Headset Cambria Will Launch In October

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Meta's next virtual reality headset will be launched in October.

Zuckerberg spoke on the Joe Rogan podcast in which he said that the device likely to be named "Project Cambria" is expected to debut during Meta's annual Connect event.

It's in line with the information we have about Project Cambria, which is said to have an ultra-high-resolution color display,

Internal sensors to track eyes, and a sophisticated passthrough, Augmented Reality.

As Bloomberg published earlier this month, leaked software suggests that the headset could be named the Meta Quest Pro. 

Whatever it's called, Cambria will sit alongside the less expensive Meta Quest -- although Meta is currently planning its next generation that will include both models.

It's not part of the developing line of Meta AR glasses. Cambria is expected to come out "significantly" higher priced than the current Quest, 

Which was recently given an increase of $399. Meta has previously said that the device would be available in the coming months.