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Mark Zuckerberg: Meta’s Smart Glasses Can Be Hacked

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Meta CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted it is possible that 

The glasses could be hacked to record individuals without consent and reasonably quickly.

Zuckerberg was in The Joe Rogan Experience a few days ago for a three-hour conversation about everything Meta and social media, as well as other topics.

Naturally, the discussion included a discussion of Meta's innovations. 

However, Rogan was concerned about the smart glasses, especially since they have the most miniature camera.

In the interview, Rogan was unsure if such a camera hidden from view could lead to privacy issues.

However, Rogan pressed further on the issue inquiring if the flashing light was hidden with something like a strip of tape. 

Then, Zuckerberg conceded to the possibility. "I think you could, in principle," he said.

However, Zuckerberg also guessed that the tape might hinder the camera's view and not perform as expected.