Meet The World's First AI Robot CEO

An AI-powered virtual robot has been appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) of the metaverse company. 

According to The Metro in the UK, Tang Yu, a humanoid robot, will lead operations at China's NetDragon Websoft. 

This makes her the first robot to be appointed to an executive position in a company. 

According to the outlet, NetDragon Websoft is a developer and operator of multiplayer online games and producing mobile apps.

Tang Yu will manage the operational and organizational aspects of the company, worth close to $10 billion. 

The company stated that the new CEO would increase execution speed, improve quality and streamline process flow.

Tang Yu Image: The World's First AI Robot CEO

The robot will be able to act as an analytical tool and data hub, which will allow for logical decision-making throughout the day. 

The statement added that Tang Yu would make the risk management system more efficient.