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Massive 1200-feet Wide Asteroid Is Coming For The Earth, Warns NASA

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Earth was close to two large asteroids last week. The first was 400 feet wide, while the second was 600 feet wide. 

It is a gigantic 1,200-foot space rock moving at an incredible speed towards Earth. 

This asteroid is approximately three times the size of the Statue Of Liberty monuments. If it hits the Earth, it can create a horrifying situation. 

Its size will result in continental-level impact damage, and the shockwaves tectonic waves and tectonic waves will cause earthquakes and tsunamis across the planet. 

The NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies database (CNEOS) has given the asteroid 2022 OE02 a name of 1,200 feet or 365 meters wide. 

This asteroid was first observed in the year 2022. However, the asteroid was only observed a few weeks earlier. 

Because there isn't enough information on the space rock, this creates uncertainty.

CNEOS also reported that the asteroid moves at 1,15,872 kilometres an hour. The asteroid is expected to be as close as 6.1million kilometres to Earth. 

Although this may seem like a long distance, the asteroid will only need to travel about 6.1 million kilometres. 

According to current predictions, however, it is unlikely that the asteroid will strike Earth.

NASA has launched a DART mission to defend the Earth from future threats. 

It will allow to send rockets to push an incoming asteroid slightly and alter its trajectory to protect the planet.