Mark Cuban Reveals NBA Steve Nash Hated Him For Not Giving Him...

When Mark Cuban spoke to Etan Thomas in 2019, He addressed the issue of not paying Nash what he ought to have.

He referred to it as one of the most significant mistakes in his career, which is an excellent take on Nash, one of the more adored owners of franchises in the NBA.

"That's my most significant error ever. It's not even close to being my most costly mistake.

He was injured in the previous year, and his playing time was decreasing, and the doctor said, 'He could be suffering from specific problems.

The coach, Don Nelson, said, "He might be struggling with specific problems. 

So we offered the offer we believed was fantastic, but Phoenix came in and beat the offer.

"I'll never forget because Nash called me and said: 'They gave me more money than Mike Bibby,' and Mike Bibby had just gotten the biggest contract.

"And I've written it on this calendar in my arena office, and it reads "Nash Mike Bibby Money.' Nash hated me for a while because of this. It's all over now."