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Major Windows Update Is Coming In 2024, Could Be Windows 12

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According to a new report by Windows Central, Microsoft will adopt a three-year OS release cycle, with the next release marked for 2024.

It's unclear whether it will be Windows 12 or a version number of Windows 11.

Microsoft will also increase the number of features available to existing Windows users. 

For example, Microsoft's Windows 11 22H2, codenamed Sun Valley 2, introduced "Moments," an internal term that allows engineers to push significant features to existing Windows users without requiring a major update.

Microsoft was able to make the Weather button available on Windows 11's taskbar using the "Moments" system.

Microsoft was reportedly working on a Sun Valley 3 release for 2023. 

However, that release has been abandoned and will now be retooled to the 2024 release.

This new method of updating Windows would enable users to access new features faster, without waiting for the next major OS release, and also allow developers to test the software for any issues before it is released.