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Machine Learning Algorithms And It's Types For Beginners

Machine Learning Algorithms Explained

1. Types Of Machine Learning 2. Machine Learning Algorithms  3. Types Of Machine Learning Algorithms 4. 100+ Algorithms And It's Types In  One Pic (With PDF)

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100+ Machine Learning Algorithms And Types in one pic

1. Supervised Learning 2. Unsupervised Learning 3. Semi-Supervised Learning 4. Reinforcement Learning

Machine Learning is generally classified into four broad categories:

types of machine learning

Supervised learning is a type of ML where the model is provided with labeled input data and the expected output results. 

1. supervised learning

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No labels are given to the learning algorithm, leaving it on its own to find structure in its input. It's like learning on their own partially similar humans.

2. Unsupervised learning

In RL, A computer program interacts with a dynamic environment in which it must perform a certain goal. 

3. Reinforcement learning

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