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Liz Truss Become The New Prime Minister Of Britain

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Liz Truss was named as the next British prime minister on Monday after winning

The leadership race of the ruling Conservative party in a period when the country is facing an economic crisis 

That is causing high costs of living, industrial tensions, and a downturn. 

After weeks of a violent and conflicting leadership contest which included the foreign minister facing finance minister Rishi Sunak,

Truss won the top in a poll from Conservative Party members, winning by 81,326 to 60,399 votes.

"We must prove we can meet our commitments in the coming two years. 

I will unveil an aggressive plan to cut taxes and expand economic activity," Truss said after the election. 

"I will tackle the energy crisis, deal with the cost of energy for people, and address the issues that we have in the power supply."