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Lenovo Launched New AR Glasses T1  That Work With iPhone Ahead Of Apple’s Headset

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Lenovo unveils new AR glasses that can be used together with iPhone before Apple's headphones launch. 

The technology of Lenovo's new AR glasses isn't that much unique, but it's adequate for most situations. 

It features 2 Micro OLED panels with 1080p resolution, each displaying Full HD content with a 60 Hz frame rate. 

It is also approved for low-blue light and reduces flicker to provide better eye comfort.

According to ArsTechnica, who tested a prototype for the Lenovo Glasses T1, the brightness level is acceptable; the colours are vivid, and the interface and text seem "clear" adequate.

However, the report states that operating the glasses can be a bit awkward sometimes, as you are doing this via a different device.

Lenovo T1 AR Glasses Images

The glasses of Lenovo will launch at the end of this year in China and will be available in "selected markets" by 2023.

The company hasn't provided specifics on the price. Still, an official from the company said to ArsTechnica that the glasses would be priced at less than $500.