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35+ Best Free Resources  To Learn Machine Learning And Deep Learning

Best Way To learn machine learning

Summary: Metacademy is built around an interconnected web of concepts, each one annotated with a short description,  pointers to learning resources. and more.

Metacademy  Learning Path

Summary: Visualize K-Means Clustering, DBScan Clustering, Lasso Polytope Geometry And James-Stein Estimator

Machine learning resource No 2

Visualize  Machine  Learning Algorithms

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Neural  Networks From Scratch

Deep playground is an interactive visualization of neural networks, written in TypeScript using d3.js.

Machine learning resource No 4

Deep  Learning Playground

Experts shares a summary of most popular deep learning, computer vision and machine learning research papers.

Machine learning resource No 5

Papers Pro - Summary Of ML Papers

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Machine learning resource No 6

GANs Lab

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CNN  Explainer

In this interactive explanation, deeplearning.ai folks explain how to initialize neural network parameters effectively.

Machine learning resource No 8

Initializing Neural Networks

Summary: A visual tour of Bernoulli Distribution, Binomial Distribution, Normal Distribution and more.

Machine learning resource No 9

Visualize Probability Distributions

OpenAI Microscope is a collection of visualizations of several common “model organisms” 

Machine learning resource No 10

OpenAI  Microscope

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