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Langya: New Virus Infects 35 People In Eastern China

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Scientists are tracking the spread of a new virus from animals in eastern China.

The Langya henipavirus (LayV), a novel virus, was discovered in 35 patients from the Shandong-Henan provinces. 

Many of the patients had a fever, fatigue, and a cough. The virus is believed to have been transmitted from animals to them.

LayV has not been shown to transmit between humans. The virus was found primarily in animals, according to researchers. 

Wang (researcher) stated that there's still a need to be vigilant as viruses found in nature can have unpredictable effects on humans.

LayV was detected in 27% of the shrews tested by scientists, which suggests that mole-like mammals could be "natural reservoirs for the virus."

The United Nations warned that the world would see an increase in such diseases due to climate change and increased wildlife exploitation.