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Google AI Chatbot LAMda Is Now Open To Public (Google Issues Warning To Chat At Your Own Risk)

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Google has made its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot open for users. Now you can chat with LaMDA. 

Google has warned users that its early versions of the LaMDA (Language Model to Dialogue Applications) Model "may show incorrect or insensitive content".

"AI Test Kitchen" by Google is an app where users can get to know the experience of others, as well as give feedback on Google's new AI technology. 

Based on Alphabet, in addition to Google, the CEO Sundar Pichai, 'AI Test Kitchen is "meant to provide you with an idea of what it could be like to possess LaMDA in your possession". 

The capacity of these language models to create endless possibilities suggests possibilities, "but it also means that they may not always do things perfectly".

"And even though we've made major improvements to accuracy and safety in the most recent version of LaMDA, we're only in the early stages of our new journey," Google said.

 "We've added several layers of security in our AI Test Kitchen. This has reduced some of the risks but hasn't eliminated them," the report said.