Adam Silver: Kevin Durant’s Trade Request Isn’t Good For The NBA

Las Vegas: NBA commissioner Adam Silver felt that stars like Kevin Durant asking for trades in the middle of long-term contracts was bad news for the sport.

Las Vegas: NBA commissioner Adam Silver felt that stars like Kevin Durant asking for trades in the middle of long-term contracts is a bad news for the sport.

Silver had not changed his thinking by Durant asking to leave Brooklyn before his four-year max extension was even granted.

Silver stated that his view had not changed. This must be a two-way road. The teams expect to honour their promises and provide players with enormous security. 

Realistically, there will always be conversations between players and representatives of teams. But we don't like players asking for trades or seeing it play out as it is.

It was Durant's trade request, or, as Silver subtly corrected it, trade request, on June 30, just before the $198 million, four-year extension he had signed last summer. 

This shocking news not only threw Durant's Nets off balance but also brought an end to free agency and overshadowed the summer league.

"It's not only the league governors or team managers who could be affected but many other players. 

Silver stated that it is one of those issues we will discuss with our players' association as we enter this collective bargaining cycle. 

It won't ever be the case that players aren't unhappy in certain situations. But we don't want it to be this way.

Silver spoke after the meeting of the NBA Board of Governors, where the vice presidents of the National Basketball Players Association met over the weekend.

After James Harden left Houston in January 2021 and Ben Simmons asked for trade with Philadelphia. 

He had four years and $144.7 million remaining on his contract. Simmons held out until Harden was traded to the Nets.

That was before Durant. Silver stated that Durant would fulfil his contract and that he hadn't heard any other information.

"No one suggested to me Kevin Durant had said that he wasn't willing to fulfil the terms of his contract. 

Silver stated that Durant might say he would like to play in another place. However, to say he won't appear at training camp or games could be considered a violation of his contract. 

But I have no idea what is happening between him and his team. There's certainly a lot of talk in the town about possible moves. But from that perspective, I feel like a fan.

Both sides have leverage. It's a market. ... Everyone has leverage. That's why you have players like Kevin Durant, who has a talent that... 8 Billion people don't have.

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