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James Webb Space Telescope Captures Tarantula Nebula - See all the images and details

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The latest addition to Webb's collection of jaw-dropping photos illustrates stunning detail of the Tarantula Nebula, a scenic region filled with dust, gas and hot stars.

The Nebula's official name has been changed to 30 Doradus, but its spindly "legs" of gas filaments and dust gave it the nickname of spiders. 

The Nebula, which lies just 161,000 light-years away from the Great Magellanic Cloud galaxy,

Is a celebration of star formation with thousands of young stars, among the most exciting and significant that we've seen.

Webb's Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) detects the Nebula as "a burrowing tarantula's habitat that is lined with silk."

Look to the middle in the NIRCam image (given in the next slide). You'll see the blue stars twinkling in an area they've created with themselves radiating.

Tarantula Nebula Images

Tarantula Nebula Image by JWST (James Webb Space Telescope)

"Only the areas with the highest density of the nebula are protected from erosion caused by the stars' strong stellar winds, which form columns that appear to reflect this cluster," explained NASA.