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Justin Bieber Shares Video Of Indian Drummer Playing At Jagrata

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Justin Bieber was intrigued by a video showing a man playing the drums at a religious program called 'Jagrata.' So on Monday, the singer shared the video via his Instagram account.

The now-viral video shows the man who stole the show with his unique style of playing the drums.

The man seems so excited during the "Jagrata" that he constantly jumps while playing the drums before preparing the devotees to sing along. 

The viral video was also a big hit online. Justin Bieber was just as interested. 

The man's method was admirable, and Justin Bieber asked his drummer friend to copy it at one of his concerts.

He shared the viral video via his Instagram Story and wrote, "@stixxtaylor I am expecting you to do this in next show."

Video shared by Justin Bieber on his Instagram Story

The video has been shared over 20.4 million times and has received 8.6 lakh likes since its inception. 

Many comments in the comment section prove that many viewers saw the video via Justin Bieber's Instagram story.

"(Just Thinking), not justin is gonna try that at tour," wrote one user, while another stated, "Seeing Justin's story, anyone who has come, like it."