Justin Bieber And Free Fire Collab Event: Everything You Need To Know

The developers have announced the Free Fire collaboration with Justin Bieber for the 5th-anniversary celebrations next month. 

This will result in introducing a character based on the celebrity personality, among other things.

One of the most important events in the game will be the Free Fire 5th Anniversary x Justin Bieber collaboration. 

The musician will release an exclusive song and host the first-ever in-game performance on the 27th of August.

This date will also be the highlight day of the game's anniversary celebrations. 

"Free Fire's 5th-anniversary celebrations have seen Garena announce a partnership with Justin Bieber. This year's celebrations are expected to be the largest to date. 

They include returning players' favorite-themed content, exclusive rewards, giveaways, a series of collaborative events and activities in-game, and an array of other activities.

The developers will be providing more information about the events as August nears. Content may start rolling out within a few weeks of the OB35 update.

J.Biebs refers to Justin Bieber's character from Free Fire. 

Users and their allies within 6 meters of Silent Sentinel have the opportunity to block 7% damage with their EP. Additional EP from friends and teammates will be added to the user's EP.

J.Biebs will reach his maximum level at 12 meters. The amount of damage that can be prevented will rise to 15%.