Judge Throws Out Facebook Collusion Claims In Google Antitrust Suit

Federal Judge has granted key elements of the antitrust case against Google to continue, including allegations that Google illegally monopolized ad-tech markets. 

Judge P. Kevin Castel rejected claims of collusion between Google and Facebook (now Meta).

Castel's ruling, which Bloomberg reporter Leah Nylen spotted, has allegedly alleged that Google holds a monopoly on ad servers or exchanges.

Its actions have also been seen as having anticompetitive consequences. 

It also claims that Google may have unfairly compared with operations such as Project Bernanke,

Which allegedly outperformed competitors through Google's data access.

Castel wrote, "the states' claims are not plausible because they fail to adequately account for Facebook's motivation

To use its economic clout to drive the most difficult bargain it could with Google." 

Castel stated, "And Google was motivated to get as much business from Facebook as possible."

Google posted a statement online describing today's ruling as a victory and calling the Meta agreement a "centerpiece of Paxton's case."

Today's decision "underlines how AG Paxton's case is deeply flawed." 

"We look forward to setting the record straight regarding the remaining claims."