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Johnny Depp Made $3.6 Million By Selling His Art In Just Few Hours

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He is also an a-Depp-t artist. Johnny Depp "broke" the internet with an unexpected online sale of his first art collection. 

According to a UK gallery, it made more than $3.6 Million within hours of its announcement.

Depp, 59, shared the news about the sale via an Instagram photo of him sitting in front of four of his icons.

The gallery stated, "We are delighted to announce that Castle Fine Art's latest signing is actor, musician, artist, Johnny Depp."

The gallery later admitted that it had experienced a rush of buyers and its website crashed in less than twenty minutes.

Castle Fine Art tweeted: "Johnny Depp broke down the internet!" The 780 prints were immediately marked as "out of stock," and the total sale price was $3.65 Million.

The gallery's catalog stated that Johnny Depp has always loved art. Art was his outlet for creativity before acting and music.