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James Webb Telescope Vs Hubble: Compare Their Images Side-by-side

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Webb is the most powerful and large telescope ever launched into space -- a promising successor to the Hubble Telescope.

Hubble vs. James Webb Space Telescope NASA has identified the top three differences among both telescopes.

Webb studies the universe primarily in the infrared, while Hubble studies it more at ultraviolet and optical wavelengths. 

This is a significant difference as infrared images can see through cosmic dust to reveal hidden objects and formations.

Webb has a giant mirror than Hubble. In addition, it can see further back in time than Hubble because of its larger light-collecting area.

Hubble orbits the Earth at the height of 570km. Webb is further away. It is 1.5 million kilometers from the Earth-Sun L2 Lagrange Point.

Carina Nebula Images:  Right: Hubble, Left: Webb Space

Stephan’s Quintet Images:  Top: Hubble. Bottom: James Webb Telescope.

Southern Ring Nebula Images: Top: Hubble. Bottom: James Webb Telescope.

SMACS 0723 Images: Top: Hubble. Bottom: James Webb Telescope.