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James Webb Telescope Damaged By Micrometeoroid Hit, Nasa Report Says

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A micrometeoroid has caused "significant irreparable harm" to NASA's $10 billion James Webb Telescope, a new report says. 

In a report that was recently released by NASA, Webb's commissioning group stated that even though the sun shields and mirrors that are on the telescope are

"expected to degrade slowly due to micrometeoroid impacts", the damage to a particular segment, dubbed C3, "exceeded prelaunch expectations of damage to one micrometeoroid."

However, Webb's team has concluded that the effect on the telescope is minimal. 

Engineers were able to adjust Webb's segments to the damage caused by the micrometeoroid.

Webb was struck by at least six micrometeoroids in the time since its launch in December, equivalent to about one hit per month, in line with the expectations, as per their report. 

Regarding the impact on C3 (a specific part of the James Webb space telescope), however, engineers are examining whether the impact was atypical,

which means it can occur at least once every few years or the possibility that Webb is "more vulnerable to being damaged by micrometeoroids that the prelaunch models had predicted."

They are now working to determine how other micrometeoroids could impact Webb's mirrors.