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James Webb Space Telescope To Be Featured As Forever Stamp By United States Postal Service

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The James Webb Space Telescope has already been through 1 million miles of space. The next generation telescope will make its journey across the U.S. Postal Service very soon.

The Postal Service announced on Tuesday that the telescope would be featured on new stamps starting from September 8 (pre-orders start August 8). 

The brand new Forever stamps cost 60 cents, and a pane of 20 cost $12. 

The stamps will include the $10 billion marvel of science that sent back images last month that amazed the scientific community and general public alike. 

The Postal Service said there isn't any plan for any stamps that feature images taken by the telescope.

The image showcases an 18-segment telescope coated in gold that forms a 21-foot mirror.

Customers can purchase stamps from the Postal Store online, by calling 844-737-7826, or via post via USA Philatelic or local post offices.