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James Webb Space Telescope Captures The Bamboozling Beauty Of The Phantom Galaxy

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Webb's latest image release features an unusual collab with Hubble Space Telescope. 

Scientists gathered information from both observatories to create these stunning photographs of the spiral Phantom Galaxy

In The Guardian Reports, Messier 74 is known as "the Phantom Galaxy for how faint it is, making it difficult to see in the night sky. 

Fortunately, it is now visible with the Webb Space Telescope, launched in December and spring this year as the highest power space-based telescope built.

The M74 image was taken as part of research conducted by the PANGS collaboration that looks into 19 star-forming galaxies.

M74 is just a little over 13 billion years old. It's a spiral galaxy similar to our home Milky Way (a bit older). 

Phatom Galaxy Images by JWST

Phatom Galaxy Images by James Webb, Hubble Space And JWST+Hubble Telescope