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Beware! James Webb Images Being Used By Hackers To Hide Malware

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Shocking News: NASA James Webb Space Telescope has been the latest target of cybercriminals,

As threat analysts have detected malware in photos captured by the latest telescope NASA. 

This is a huge security risk since millions of people across the globe have downloaded photos taken by the $10 billion JWST.

Security analysts at cybersecurity firm Securonix have found a new malware-based attack called GO#WEBBFUSCATOR.

The analyst further said the attack started with a phishing picture delivered to the victim via an email with the Microsoft Office document. 

Securonix obtained a copy of the software that included a document named "Geos-Rates.docx".

The cybersecurity company stated in a blog that the document includes the image as a jpg file containing malware hidden in the form of code that can only be seen using a text editor. 

Alongside the code, the certificate is hidden with a Base64 code that, once executed, will be installed onto your device as "msdllupdate.exe".