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Dog-size Jakapil Kaniukura Dinosaur Discovered In Argentina

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Argentina recently discovered a new species of dinosaur. According to The Washington Post, the dinosaur fossil was dog-sized and had tiny arms and an armored back.

According to The Washington Post, the fossil is believed to have been from the Late Cretaceous period, which occurred around 100 million years ago.

Jakapil Kaniukura is the name of the dog-sized dinosaur. It's believed that the two-footed dinosaur walked on two feet.

This is not the case for many other dinosaurs in its family. The dinosaur was about the same size as a Boston Terrier and an avid plant-eater. 

Scientific Reports last week published that the dinosaur's back armor protected it against predators.

Sebastian Apesteguia, a researcher, stated that Jakapil has completed, in an effective succession of discoveries for Argentines,

The missing letter for our alphabet of dinosaurs. For the first time, we can now show an alphabet of dinosaurs who lived in Argentina.