If you can spot the butterfly in this brainteaser within twenty seconds, you could become a world record holder.

This optical illusion inspired by the sunflower has the insect hidden. It also includes a fox and a badger.

You will need to be very careful as it is challenging to spot.

You will notice that the wings of the insect are the same shade of yellow as the sunflower petals.

Now, let's down your time and start focusing on the image. Can you find it?

Are you able to find it? If yes, Please do verify the answer from the last slide. If not, We've a hint for you in the next slide.

HINT: The butterfly is hidden under the flower and it is available on the left side of the image. Check out answer if you're in hurry from the next slide.

ANSWER: The butterfly is hidden at the top left corner of the image as shown below.