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iPhone 14 Pro Screen Cutout Will Also Serve As A Privacy Warning

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Apple is believed to utilize the cutout to store its camera and microphone "dots" or

privacy indicators that notify users whenever an App uses the camera or the microphone.

The dots could be placed in the display space between the FaceTime dot projector and the front camera when they are used.

The dots, whether green or orange, serve to inform the user that the camera or camera, or perhaps the microphone, is being used by an application.

In the case of macOS, the dots have also created issues for artists recently, and the complaints have extended into the iPhone in the last few months.

If the rumors regarding cutting outs in Face ID and other systems that were first announced in the 9to5mac report on Wednesday are true, this will be the first time in nearly two years. 

iPhone 14 Pro Screen Cutouts