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iPhone 14 Pro Max Dummy Shows The Dual Punch Hole Design On The Front

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This generation of iPhone Pro models will no longer have the notch. However, it will be available for one year on the vanilla model. 

After that, it will be replaced with a split punch hole, also known as the "pill and holes" design. 

Finally, the more significant element of the Face ID system requires an IR illuminator and an IR camera; the other is the new FaceTime cam (with autofocus allegedly).

This year, the gap between vanilla and Pro iPhones will be more comprehensive than ever. 

The Pros will have exclusive access to the telephoto camera. They will also have a 48MP primary camera. 

Analysts predict that the vanilla models will continue to use 12MP rear cameras with the A15 chip. 

The vanilla models will not get the "pill-and-hole" front design, although it is being questioned whether their 120Hz refresh rate displays are compatible with the new model.

According to forecasts, the iPhone 15 vanilla models will adopt a "pill-and-hole" design. 

The future iPhones will likely start moving some of their hardware behind the screen as early as 2024. 

Long-term predictions may not be accurate or even possible, as Apple is still testing which features work and which don't.