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Apple iOS 16 Has Some New Sounds - Don't Miss It If You're An Apple Fan

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Apple's forthcoming iOS 16 update brings a variety of new features, like the ability to alter the appearance of your Lock Screen, edit iMessages or copy text from the video. 

However, Apple has also introduced a subtle modification to some of the iPhone's sound effects,

Which many of us observed while testing the beta versions.

When you find the 'Find My App' and choose the "play sound" option for iOS or iPadOS 16 devices,

You'll be presented with the sound of an electronic xylophone in place of the typical pinging sounds played when you use iOS 15 and prior. 

This change also applies to the time you request your Apple Watch to ping your phone on your behalf, except that it plays one time instead of repeating over and over.

 iOS 16 Has Some New Sounds (Video)