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iOS 16 Beta 5: Battery Percentage Now Displayed in iPhone Status Bar

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Apple removed the battery percentage indicator in the status bar for notched devices with the iPhone X. 

But, the latest iOS 16 beta five is now bringing the feature back. 

The battery icon will now display the current percentage level. 

Early users report that the new battery percentage option is unavailable on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 mini.

If you use the iOS 16 betas and want to test the new option, head to the battery menu within the settings app. 

Enable the battery percentage toggle. The battery icon will show full until it drops below 20%, turning red and displaying the actual charge amount.

Charging the phone turns the battery icon green, and the percentage numbers are scaled up. 

Users have also reported that the new battery percentage indicator is difficult to read when using lighter shades wallpaper.