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Internet Puzzled By Super Mario Illusion: Is He Running Up Or Down Stairs?

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This illusion makes you feel like you're in Mario's mushroom.

Super Mario might be a child's shoe, but the most knowledgeable people could only resolve this illusion surrounding the Nintendo icon.

"Is Mario going up or down?" an image from the 1989 animated series "The Super Mario Bros Super Show."

The eye-splitting image caused puzzlers to feel like they'd been hit by Mario's enormous hit with his hammer.

"Wtf," exclaimed one confused brain teaser buff; one person wondered whether anyone had a video of the scene so that they could play.

Some mocked the strange staircase, with one user noting, "who builds stairs with the steps set at 45 degrees the to the horizontal?"

Fortunately, some correctly deduced that Mario was going up the stairs based on the placement of his feet.