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Instagram Was Fined $402 Million In EU: See Why?

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In Ireland, the Data Protection Commission has fined Meta EUR 405 million (about $402 million) following an investigation into how it handled teens' data. 

The fine and decision were finalized on Friday; DPC spokesperson Caolmhe McGuire stated, and further details will be released in the coming week."

This is the third biggest fine the DPC had handed down to Meta, easily surpassing the amount of about 225 million euros

The company was hit with when the DPC discovered that WhatsApp did not adequately inform EU citizens of

How it used and collected their data and in particular the way it shared information back with Meta.

WhatsApp has been ordered by the court to alter its privacy policies, and it said it was planning to appeal. 

It also handed out a less severe fine of just 17 million euros (about $18.6 million) for issues related to security breaches with record-keeping.