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Instagram To Limit Sensitive Content For New Teen Users

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According to a recent announcement, Instagram will automatically restrict sensitive content for new teen users. 

The only two options for teens for Sensitive Content Control on the Meta-owned social media platform are Standard and Less, according to a blog post.

According to the blog, Instagram automatically puts new users under 16 into the "Less" state. 

It went on to say that it would be more difficult for young people to find potentially sensitive content or accounts in 

Search, Explore, Hashtag Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations, and Suggested Accounts.

Instagram also said it is trialling a new strategy to nudge teenagers toward updating their privacy and security settings. 

The prompts will encourage teenagers to examine their settings, which include those that govern who may reshare their content,

Who can message and contact them, what content they can access, and how to regulate their time spent on Instagram.

Users can now choose how much private content and accounts they see in 

Search, Reels, Accounts You Might Follow, Hashtag Pages and In-Feed Recommendations, and Explore.