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Instagram Removed P0rnhub’s Account From Their Platform

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Instagram has taken down the official account of P0rnHub because of the pressure being poured on by campaigners against the website grows.

The announcement was first made public by Variety. 

The publication notes that PrnHub's Instagram account had 13.1 million users as of the removal and posted more than 6,200 times. 

The account was known for posting safe content for work promoting PirnHub's video content and artists. 

P*rnHub continues to operate well-known profiles on various social networks such as Twitter.

It's not known the exact reason why the parent company of Instagram, Meta, has removed the account. 

Instagram Removes Prnhub Account

Still, screenshots posted by anti-P0rnHub protester Laila Mickelwait suggest that the account was shut down due to violating Instagram's community guidelines.

Mickelwait is the person who started Mickelwait is the founder of the "TraffickingHub" campaign.