Instagram has announced that it will allow any iOS user to delete their account on social media using the iPhone app. This complies with Apple's App Store Review Guidelines. Previously, it wasn't easy to do so.

TechCrunch reports that Meta, a Meta-owned social media platform, now offers a new option to delete or deactivate an Instagram account.

This is following Apple's revised App Store Review Guidelines, which require that all apps offering account creation include account deletion within the app.

A spokesperson for Instagram also spoke out about the changes in the Instagram app to the publication:

We want to offer more control over how Instagram users experience the site and the time spent on it.

You can now delete your account from Settings on iOS. However, you will still be able to disable your account until you decide to delete it temporarily.

Instagram has "more ways to control your experience and time on Instagram," according to a statement.

This is a significant change from the previous day when apps had to update their applications to conform to Apple's rules.

Here’s how to delete your Instagram account through the iOS app: 1. Open the Instagram app, then tap on your Profile section;

2. In “Account,” choose “Delete Account”; 3. The app will ask whether you want to deactivate or delete your account and you can choose which.

Instagram reminds you that you have 30 days to stop the app from removing your account from being deleted even if the account deletion is completed.

TechCrunch reported that Meta-owned apps, like WhatsApp, also adhere to Apple's new guidelines. Telegram and Spotify, however, are not following the new policies.

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