TechCrunch has learned that Instagram is currently testing a change that transforms video posts into Reels.

The change is being tested with selected users around the globe as part of Instagram's plan for simplifying video.

Meta spokesperson said that the feature is being tested as part of their efforts to simplify and enhance Instagram's video experience.

Matt Navarra, the social media consultant, posted a screenshot on Twitter showing that participants in the test will receive an in-app message saying, "Video posts are now shared with Reels."

This message states that anyone can see your account and create their Reel using your original audio. Your Reel is only visible to your followers if your account is private.

If your account is public, the message states that anyone can remix your Reel once you have posted it. However, you can block people from remixing your Reels by changing your account settings.

Instagram is still testing the changes, so it is unclear when they will become more widespread. The change may be made permanent.

It could be more difficult to upload horizontal videos if they are uploaded in vertical Reels formats. Instagram has not yet explained how this change will impact existing videos.

Meta has been betting big in Reels. The company announced that Reels accounts for more than 20% of Instagram users' time.

Instagram wants to make Reels even bigger by replacing video posts. This change could be made permanent by Instagram, which will see more people viewing Reels.

Instagram's head Adam Mosseri stated last year that the app was no longer a photo-sharing platform. He also noted that the company was prioritizing video over TikTok or YouTube.

The company took a major step towards its bigger goal to make video a central part of Instagram's experience by combining IGTV's long-form video with Instagram Feed videos into a new format called "Instagram Video."

Instagram could consolidate its video content even further if it decides to make all video uploads Reels.

When Mosseri presented Instagram's priorities in 2022, he stated that the company would focus more on Reels and double its efforts with video.

He suggested that Instagram consolidate all its video products around Reels while continuing to grow the short-form product. This suggests that this may have been the plan since the beginning.