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INS Vikrant: India's First Homegrown Aircraft Carrier 

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India entered an elite group of naval powerhouses worldwide on Friday as it inaugurated the first aircraft built in India to be a carrier named the Ins Vikrant. 

With the $3 billion Vikrant, India will join just a few nations with more than one aircraft carrier currently in operation.

It will also become the third nation following China and the UK and in launching an aircraft carrier that was built domestically within the past three years.

"Till today, this kind of carrier for aircraft was developed only by advanced countries (huge economy nations). 

By entering this league, India has taken a further step toward becoming a developed country," Modi said,

Declaring that the Indo-Pacific region remains "a significant security issue" for India. 

John Bradford, a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore,

Said that India's commitment to the ship signifies its "long-term goal of maintaining an elite military force."

The Vikrant's displacement is about 40000 tons and around 40,000 tons; 

Once its air wing is fully operational in the coming months, Vikrant will carry up to 30 aircraft, 

including MiG-29K fighter jets that will be launched from its ski ramp design deck and helicopters defense systems that include surface-to-air missiles.

Four gas turbines power it; the top speed is believed to be 32 mph (52 km/h), with an endurance of 8600 miles (13,890 kilometers).