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Indonesia Bans Steam, Epic Games, PayPal, EA Play/Origin, And More

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After the companies failed to comply with a new requirement relating to Indonesia's restrictive content moderation laws, as reported by Reuters,

the Indonesian government blocked access to various online services, including Steam, Epic Games, and PayPal.

Companies deemed "Private Electronic System Providers" must register with the government to be allowed to operate in the country. 

Otherwise, they will face a nationwide ban. Companies were given a deadline until July 27th by Indonesia to comply with the rules, and they have since been banned.

This requirement is part of a more significant law called MR5, which was introduced in 2020. 

According to Reuters, these laws allow the Indonesian government to access data on specific users and coerce companies to remove content that is "disturbing public order" or considered illegal. 

For "urgent" requests to be removed, platforms have 48 hours to act on them. However, they can take 24 hours for any other content.

Daniel Ahmad, the senior analyst at Niko Associates, pointed out that Origin, DOTA 2, and Counter-Strike are just a few of the other games and services affected by this ban.

In addition, apple, Spotify, TikTok, and Amazon registered for licenses last week.

According to Reuters, Samuel Pangerapan, Kominfo's general director, has stated that the country will allow users to access PayPal for five consecutive days beginning July 31st. 

Pangerapan says that PayPal has not contacted the agency and that the country will allow users access to PayPal for five days starting July 31st.

Pangerapan says that the ban on companies will be lifted when they register with the country's database. 

However, it is unclear when or if these services will be returned online.