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Asia Cup is an international cricket tournament for men that features Twenty20 and One Day cricket.

 It is played between Asian cricket players. Today we're going to find who will win India vs Pakistan 2022 match through detailed analysis.

All cricket fans across Asia eagerly await India vs Pakistan match as soon as the Asia Cup begins. Let's begin our analysis.

India: Matches: 54 Won: 36 Lost: 16 Tied: 1 NR: 1 Win %: 66.67

IND vs Pak: Overall performance in Asia Cup

Pakistan: Matches: 49 Won: 28 Lost: 20 Tied: 0 NR: 1 Win %: 57.14

IND vs Pak: Overall performance in Asia Cup

India Won 8 Matches Till Now In Asia Cup Against Pakistan Pakistan Won 5 Matches Against India In Asia Cup Till Now

Previous matches in Asia Cup between India vs Pakistan

According TO Whole Analysis, It can be predicted that India may win this match but it's cricket so anything can happen. Let's see it on August 28.