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India On Alert As Rare Viral Illness ‘Tomato Flu’ Spreads

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The health ministry of India has issued tests and prevention guidelines to states in response to

An increase in a new variant of the virus popularly referred to as tomato virus that has more than 100 cases reported in children over the past few months.

More than 82 kids below five years old have been afflicted by the tomato flu disease in the south of India, especially in Kerala.

Another 26 children were reported sick in the eastern region of Odisha state, The Federal Health Ministry said in an announcement this week. 

According to the ministry, the illness is a form of hand-foot-mouth infection prevalent among students in schools and It is not associated with Covid-19, dengue, monkeypox or Chikungunya. 

The health ministry suggests isolation for 5-7 days following the onset of symptoms to stop the spread of infection to children and adults.

The Indian government advisory follows a warning in The Lancet health journal.