Almost Impossible Challenge: Can You Spot 20 Faces In This Optical Illusion Image?

This illusion was created in Mexico by Octavio Ocampo. He manipulates your perceptions repeatedly to trick your brain. 

The picture's center shows two proud heroes, Don Quixote and Sancho Panzo, seated on their horses. Windmills back them.

The right-hand picture shows Don Quixote, a man who protests that a dead man is still alive and getting ready for a hijacking to save his body from a continental funeral.

You can see Quixote's madness by looking closely at this scene's surrounding area.

The picture's middle left shows Xarifa in the fields. 

This scene again appears to be the appearance of a dog's face, as it is impossible to believe she is Dulcinea (pictured in the upper left corner).

The village of La Mancha, pictured above Xarifa on the fields, is surrounded by mythical sea monsters and dragons.

The Duke's castle is located above the village (upper left), with the Duke's face depicted on the castle's walls. 

A skull can be seen on the left side, hinting at the evil plans of the Duke for our heroes. 

Miguel de Cervantes' ghostly visage watches over his work on the upper right of the painting.

An above-average mind can spot more than 15 faces in this optical illusion.

However, because the illustration is so complicated and creative in itself, people are still not able to count the maximum number of faces in this image.