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Crystal Clear Image Of Sun Captured Using 145 Mega Pixel Specially Designed Telescope Camera

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Redditor posted a clear image of the Sun that was captured using a camera. Many users have shared this image via social media.

This viral image shows the intricate structure of the Sun's surface, covered in plasma ripples.

The image was captioned: "I captured a 145-megapixel image of our Sun using a specially modified telescope.

The post was upvoted by over 40,000 times and has received huge number of comments. 

Some users were so concerned about the user's identity on social media platforms. In contrast, others were shocked at the image's quality.

One user wrote, "And you work at the NASA or something with a team of engineers, opticians and the like? I mean, please say that, it will make me feel better somehow."

Another said, "I'm all over the images in your posts. Absolutely amazing."