This image shows an older man with a strange hairstyle, but only the detail-oriented can see the girl.

As you know, Optical illusions are viral all over the web. 

These optical illusions can be made more challenging by using puzzles and confusing images.

Some test our perception while others show us a new side of ourselves that we weren't aware of.

A viral video from tiktok is testing people's attention to detail and perspective with a clever optical illusion.

Let's get back to today's optical illusion. Look closely at the image and identify a girl.

If you're unable to find it, don't worry. The answer is given in the next slide.

Pay attention to the nose of the man. It's actually a girl sitting facing away from the camera.

She is wearing a long, hat-covered dress and a long-sleeved top. The girl is looking out at the hills, which also serve as eyes for the man in this scene of nature.

Image source: Tiktok/rana_illusion