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I Got Fired For Sharing My Salary On TikTok — And Cried For Days Straight

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A TikToker who has openly disclosed her expenses and insights into her spending claims she was fired from her job.

Lexi Larson was excited to discuss how much she had earned and was enjoying her brand new position with the city of Denver within the technology sector.

On one of her TikToks she shared last week, Larson revealed how her earnings increased -- including a huge tax increase of $449 after she received an increase of $20,000.

The video was gone viral and gathered 187,900 views in a few hours, with many people complaining about taxes in the comments.  Skip the few slides to see the video.

But it drove much more stress for Larson than recognizing the brutal extent of her taxes.

Larson claims she was dismissed two weeks after she started her new job because of the status of her TikTok post. Video is given in the next slide, don't miss it.

Video Credits: @itslexilarson