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Google Reveals New Tools Used By Iranian Hackers To Steal Data

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The Iranian government-backed criminal known under the name Charming Kitten has added a brand new tool to its arsenal of malware, 

Allowing it to access users' personal information from Gmail, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Outlook accounts.

The tool dubbed HYPERSCRAPE by Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) is currently in development;

The malware is believed to have been used on just a few dozen user accounts within Iran.

The oldest known instance dates back to the year 2020. The software was first identified in December 2021.

It is tracked in the form of APT35, Cobalt Illusion, ITG18, Phosphorus, TA453 as well, as Yellow Garuda; 

Elements of the group have also conducted ransomware-related attacks, suggesting the motives of the threat actor are both financial and espionage motivated.