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Apple Hires Lamborghini's Chief Of Chassis For Its Car Team

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Apple has been working for years on its first vehicle. Luigi Taraborrelli, who has been working for Lamborghini for over two decades, is the latest addition to the apple car team.

Taraborrelli, the head of vehicle dynamics and chassis at the Italian supercars maker Lamborghini, will lead the design of the future Apple car.

There are many speculations about the Apple car's design. However, Mr Taraborrelli, who worked on Urus and Huracan, among other Lamborghini projects, is stepping up his efforts.

He was involved in the Huracan limited edition off-road edition - the Serrato and the Asterion concept.

Desi Ujkashevic (ex-Car Safety Development Lead from Ford) joins Mr Taraborrelli. Apple hired him in May.

Apple already has Ulrich Kranz, former chief of Canoo, and former leader of BMW EV division, on board. 

He was also joined by Stuart Bowers, who was previously chief of Tesla's Autopilot program.

The apple car projects are being worked on by some of the most skilled engineers from Tesla, Rivian, Volvo, Waymo and Mercedes-Benz. 

In addition, senior design executives from McLaren, Porsche, Tesla and Aston Martin will also be involved in the projects.

The company has been waiting so long to get a car with no controls or steering wheels, the first truly autonomous vehicle ever built in the world.

Apple wants the iPhone moment back, but this time for the auto industry. Apple has been working on its car since 2014, which only proves the enormity of the task.

There were many changes, including new leadership and rumours that the project was being abandoned.

The company is still taking advantage of the latest technology developments in AI and autonomous driving.