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How To Turn Off Twitter’s New Refresh Sound - Bird Chirp

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Silencing your phone isn't a good option if you want your phone to make different sounds, for instance, when you receive a phone text or call. 

The positive side is Twitter spokesperson Trenton Kennedy shared a video on Wednesday that shows an option within the Twitter app to disable the sound.

On iOS, You can use it by opening the Twitter app and tapping your profile image on the left. 

Go to settings and Privacy > Accessibility, Display and languages, Display and Sound. In the Sound heading, turn off the Sound effect.

The menus have distinct labels and options for the Android version of the application. 

For the Twitter Android App, click on settings and Privacy > Accessibility, Display and language settings > and switch off the sound effects.

Once you've disabled the toggle, you'll not hear the noise when you refresh pages. Although theoretically, it will disable other sounds in the application.

Take a break, relax and enjoy silence when refreshing the feed in your twitter app!