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How to Turn off Suggested Posts on Instagram in 2022

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Instagram may be reversing the chaos of its TikTok-like redesign and reducing the app's recurrent flood of suggestions, but that doesn't mean that recommended content will stop being displayed in your feed. 

There's an option that you're not conscious of. I had no idea it existed before Instagram director Adam Mosseri casually mentioned it in one of his Stories earlier in the week.

You can snooze suggestions for posts from your primary Instagram feed for one month. It's even better because it's just a few taps.

How to Snooze Instagram Feed Recommendations for 30 days

First, Explore your main Instagram stream until you stumble across an article you think is worth reading. 

They're typically followed by explanations of why you're seeing them, like "because you saw a reel from"_" or "because you follow __."

Click the X on the top right. After that, you'll get a message confirming that the post is hidden. 

Let's be free of all the recommendations.

From the menus above, select Snooze for all the suggested posts in feeds over 30 days.

Then the green checkmark will be displayed to confirm that your feed won't have recommended posts for the next 30 days.

Now you're set. Be aware that removing your feed from recommended posts will not stop you from seeing Instagram's numerous advertisements in the feed. 

Nevertheless, it's an effective way to have some control over how the app performs for you.