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‍How To Pick NFTs That Make You Money?‍

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Many initiatives allow users to purchase NFTs; however, not all of them are worth it. 

According to experts, these are the things worth checking before you buy any NFT that can make you huge chunks of money.

1. Trading volume‍ An excellent place to start is to determine which NFT projects are the most popular for trading using NFT marketplaces, such as AirNFTs Opensea and Rarible.

2. Activity trend‍ When you have the NFT project to analyze, One thing to look at is the project's progress over time. 

Are the number of users and transaction volume increasing or decreasing?

3. Community‍ Are there many who are talking about the idea? Are they participating (and taking pleasure in) the game, or are they sitting in the background? 

These are all subjective and relative aspects. It is much simpler to determine the results after looking over different NFT projects.

‍4. Project Stage Is this a brand-new project or one that has existed for a while? 

Suppose the project is brand new, and there's not yet a game or any other way to make NFTs a utilitarian purpose. In that case, sustaining an active community will be more challenging.