Social media was flooded with warnings to delete the cycle tracking apps following the United States Supreme Court's decision not to uphold Roe v. Wade, ending federal abortion protections, and ending the Roe v. Wade case. People feared that the data contained in these apps could be used to weaponize them in court.

Deleting an app that tracks your period from your phone is easy. However, the deletion of an app does not guarantee that your health information has been deleted. If you delete the Flo app and decide to redownload it, the company may retain your data for up to three years.

Some period tracking apps save data on your phone, but many others store it in the cloud. The company can still access your period data if you don't delete your account. You can't remember which type of period app it is if you don't know. The app may store some of your personal information if you have one.

To delete your data from these apps, you will need to deactivate the account. However, deactivating an account does not automatically mean that the company has deleted all personal data. It may take several weeks for some period tracking apps to complete the deletion process. To ensure your request is honored, email customer support is a good idea.

Many periods tracking apps are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Each app has its privacy policies. It isn't easy to list all the period tracking apps that can be deleted. Here are some guidelines and information about some of the most widely used ones.


In the Flo app, go to Menu > Home > Contact us and submit a deactivation request. Anonymous users will have to register their accounts first. You can also request that your account and data be deleted by emailing


Once your account is deactivated, Flo says it will delete your data. However, Flo’s Privacy Policy says it “may retain certain Personal Data and other information after your account has been terminated or deleted as necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.” The Verge asked Flo to clarify what data may be kept after termination but did not immediately receive a response.


In the Glow app, go to More (iOS) or the side bar (Android). Then head to Account Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select Delete Account. For iOS users, you can also find the Delete Account option under the Log Out button. Glow’s support page says deleting your account will also wipe your data from its system and that it cannot be restored. You can also delete your account and personal data by emailing


In the Clue app, go to More > Support > Account Questions (iOS) / Account & Data (Android). Scroll down and tap “How Can I Delete My Account?” and select Delete my Clue account. You’ll be prompted to back up your data. After, enter your password and tap Delete account permanently.


Follow this up by emailing Clue’s privacy policy says you can request the company completely delete your data, including any past data sent to third-party services. Keep in mind that Clue says it may take up to 30 days for your data to be deleted. 


In the app, go to Settings > Reset or delete my account > Delete my account and data. Enter your username and password. You can also email If you log into your Ovia account via Facebook, you must follow the methods listed above. Removing your Ovia account from within the Facebook app will not delete your account or data.


Ovia’s privacy policy lists several scenarios in which the company says it has the right to deny deletion requests, including complying with legal obligations. If you have consented to participate in research studies, Ovia says it can also delay deletion until said research study is completed.

Some period tracking apps that locally store data, like Cycles or Spot On by Planned Parenthood, give users the option to create accounts for a better user experience. Even if the app doesn’t have access to your health data, creating an account means the company likely has a record of your personal contact information. Reach out to customer support and request to delete your account. Keep in mind there may be a delay. Cycles, for instance, may take up to 60 days to fully delete your personal account information.


According to Apple’s Health App & Privacy Policy, any health or fitness data recorded in the Health app on a device locked with a passcode, TouchID, or Face ID is “encrypted and inaccessible by default.” However, you can still easily delete your period data by going to Health > Sharing > Apps > Cycle Tracking > Delete All Data from “Cycle Tracking.”